Dr Portia Reading

Dr Portia Reading
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High resolution blood morphology, naturopathy, complementary & functional medicine, nutritional biochemistry, psycho-nutrition.

• Investigate underlying physiologic disruptions using high magnification blood microscopy – without expensive ‘functional medicine’ tests.
• Enhance wellbeing by optimising the condition of your blood and improve biochemical and physiologic function.
• View your blood cells in high magnification and resolution and see the improvements with your own eyes.

With over 20 years’ experience, Dr Reading bases her practice on the science of supporting biochemical and physiological function through specifically tailored nutraceutical, dietary and lifestyle modifications –
with concomitant improvements in health and well-being.

Blood Analysis (live and dry) using ‘state of the art’ Bradford Variable Projection Microscopy (BVPM) gives unparalleled magnification and resolution. This screening test removes guesswork and trial and error methods from selecting appropriate remedies, so supplements that are actually needed are prescribed, and the pivotal issues are addressed.

This aims to restore self-regulation by improving structural and functional integrity to body systems, including gastro-intestinal, liver, immune, endocrine and neurologic (all which are inter-related), with downstream effects on reducing symptoms and disease states.

During the naturopathic consultation, your health concerns will be discussed in detail and following your blood analysis, a naturopathic prescription directs you to supplements needed most to address specific issues unique to you.

If so desired, management plans are also available for optimising existing good health, sports performance, academic pursuits and assisting you in aging gracefully.

About the Microscopy.
Capillary blood is collected by a tiny finger prick and your blood is viewed Live (the closest representation of your blood as it flows in your vascular system) and Dry to analyse coagulated (clotted) morphology.

The Bradford Variable Projection Microscope is unique in its ability to magnify an image in your blood up to 18,000 x and keep the details sharp (called resolution). This lets you see very small phenomena in your blood very clearly including:

• Red blood cells, their membranes and presence of rouleaux
• White blood cells, their nuclei, size and how well internal granules are moving
• Platelets and any aggregation
• Micro-organisms including bacteria, yeast forms and mycelia, cell wall deficient organisms...
• Blood born parasites
• Crystals and heterogeneous plaque and much more…

The HLB dry test assesses the oxidative foot print of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), a reflection of free radical activity, toxicity and physiologic disruption in your body. It can indicate more serious changes in the body and early detection allows judicious intervention if required. If a more serious condition is suspected, you will be directed to your doctor for further investigation. In the case of a disease process, the HLB dry test can monitor the adaptive and regenerative response of the body during medical and naturopathic management. This allows you to fine tune supportive therapies and to assess whether your organ reserve and integrity is being re-established; in other words to see if your therapy is working.

Special interests include: all immune mediated disorders including, ME/CFS, SLE, MS, Thyroid AIDs, general fatigue and un-wellness, fat loss and stress management – all complementary to sound medical management.

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  • Bachelor Veterinary Science (hons)
  • Diploma Natural Therapies MCMA
  • Diploma Health - Clinical Hypnosis FAAHS MAACHP
  • Post Grad Dip Psychotherapy
  • Cert App Psychotherapy (Human Givens)
  • Cert IV Counselling and Conflict Resolution
  • Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Cert IV Bowen Therapy (BCNT)
  • Advanced Bowen - level 3 (BTAA)
  • Master Prac NLP, Time Line, Hyp (AND:USA) MABNLP
  • Advanced Microscopy BVPMMS (Prof Bradford USA)
  • Biomesotherapy MASBRM
  • SLM myotherapy
  • Cert Funtional Medicine (FMU)
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